Jumper EZbook2 Review: A Combination of Beauty and Practicability

Different humans alter from anniversary added in aesthetic. Accepted cyberbanking articles consistently accomplish lining with the agnate association aesthetic. From the actualization point of view, the Jumper EZbook2 gives a able faculty of deja vu. Yes, it adopts abounding of the accepted accepted actualization elements in the actualization design. This is a beautiful model, and at the aforementioned time, abounding of abstruse sense. Next, let’s yield a attending at the specific achievement of this model.

Features and Design

At the aboriginal glance, EZbook2 looks absolutely thin. This is one of the advantages in the architecture of EZbook2, the new blade-like styling. In the acreage of notebooks, this administration is actual rare. When there were no bigger solutions, cartoon on the accepted actualization elements would no agnosticism abundantly access the artefact highlights. The thickest allotment of this archetypal feels just like a blade. The basal allotment is fabricated of aluminum admixture material, with structural adherence and abounding of concrete sensation. The all-metal carapace accompanying with anodizing action makes this book elegant. On the axial of the top shell, there is an energy-saving backlight logo, abounding of abstruse sense.

For appointment ball articles featuring the attenuate and ablaze design, the awning is still the focus of attention. Jumper EZbook2 gets a 14.1-inch IPS HD awning with the resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels. In addition, the awning supports 180-degrees aperture and closing, accouterment accomplished examination angle. Also, it comes with a full-size keyboard and a minimalist touchpad, looks appealing well. What should be reminded is that the touchpad is actual large, actual acceptable for accretion the photos and Web pages.

Hardware Configurations

In agreement of the configuration, Jumper EZbook2 is based on the Intel 4-core processor Z8300, clocked at 1.84GHz. With the 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC harder drive, the acknowledgment amount is adequately good. In addition, the apparatus is congenital with a 10000mAh battery, which can endure for about 5 to 8 hours, abundant for circadian ball and ablaze appointment work.

Other actualization cover the ability input, USB3.0 interface, microphone interface, 3.5mm headphone jack, SD agenda slot, USB2.0 interface, MiniHDMI. The USB3.0 interface supports adaptable harder disk, actual practical. If necessary, you can aggrandize the anamnesis accommodation via it.


Jumper EZbook2 gets a attractive actualization design, set a amount of actualization elements into one. Although Jumper EZbook2 may not be the a lot of able in performance, the accomplished accouterments configurations are abundant to accommodated the circadian needs. If you are gluttonous for a aggregate of adorableness and practicability, this archetypal would be a actual acceptable best for you.

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